The aTicket project

The aTicket project delivers a true open source ticket system to help manage support services. Distributed under the GPL v.2 licence, it is based on earlier open source projects known as eTicket and osTicket.

Why does aTicket exist? Because the eTicket project has moved away from true open source. Although I can understand the reasons, it remains my belief that one of the healthiest ways to achieve sound development is to remain within the standard open source licences.

Why open source?

With the product published under a true open source licence, it is perfectly possible to enhance the project by incorporating open source work from elsewhere, which is impossible under an incompatible licence. Remaining with open source is also a better policy from the point of view of anyone contributing to the project, and for the long term health of the project itself. And contributions of any kind will be most welcome! Please use the "Contact" menu link if you're interested.

What is coming?

aTicket will adopt a version numbering system that follows on from its eTicket predecessor. So there is already a version 1.9 release, incorporating fixes for some outstanding problems and a general clean up of the code to eliminate warnings and notices. Changes have been made to get close to valid XHTML 1.0 transitional. There will be minor releases 1.9.x.

Following that, the aim is to incorporate other open source assets (particularly parts of the Aliro CMS framework) to significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of aTicket. Quite apart from adding useful services, the added code will also instrument the project so that its performance can be tuned. It is also planned to include RESTful interfaces so that aTicket can be accessed from programmable interfaces as well as through email and browser. The outcome will be version 2.0 of aTicket.

Your participation

Also, please feel free to contribute to the forum that has been created for aTicket. To keep overheads down, most of my projects are being consolidated into the Guru Forum, including aTicket. I'll do my best to answer questions, will be interested in suggestions and will welcome any assistance!